Wichita Falls Questions

What happens if we happen to go over on our reserved time?
It wouldn't be a problem. You would be charged your hourly rate. It would be divided into 15 minutes so that you aren't paying for time your don't use. So if you were only 13 minutes past your reservation time, you would pay a quarter of your hourly rate.

Is smoking permitted on the bus?
Our buses are smoke free so that they stay fresh for every customer. It also prevents damage to the bus and doesn't add a damage fee to your bill.

Do you travel out of Texas?
We currently only travel in Texas. If you want out of the state, we might be able to give you a reputable company in the area.

What area do you guys service?
If you look on our service area page, we have listed some popular cities we always service. It is best to give us a call and then we can see if we provide service in your area and if there will be a gas surcharge.

What are your hours?
We operate every hour of every day of the year!

What kind of condition can we leave the bus in?
We would like for you to take off what you brought on. That way the buses don't get that dirty. It's okay if there's a small mess, but a large one might get you a cleaning fee.

Can we drink alcoholic beverages on the bus?
If everyone on the bus is over 21 years of age, then you can have alcohol. If there is even one person who is not of drinking age, there cannot be any alcohol.

Can the reservation be canceled?
No. Once you have paid your deposit, you cannot cancel. We are promise to provide you service so we would hope that you would keep your promise of needing our service. You cannot change the date of your reservation, but depending on availability, you might be able to upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or more the rental time earlier/later.

Where might I found affordable out of state?
Well the options will vary from state to state but one place that comes to mind is Party Bus LA. Check them out!

How can I get a quote from you?
You can get a quote in just a few minutes when you call! Let us know the date you'd like service, the times and locations, and how many guests you'll have.

What if I don't see my question here?
Don't worry! You can call us any time with additional questions! We're always here and happy to help!

Want to book our services?

Our booking process is simple and quick! You can have a quote or completed reservation in minutes!

Give us the details

Some things we'll need to know are when, where, and how many guests.

Put down a deposit

A deposit is due when you book, and the full balance is due by the date of your event.

You're all set!

That's it! When the day arrives we'll be there to take you to your event!